Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Remember when...

I appreciate the out-pouring of love and support that we've received.  Lynn has touched many lives.  And I am grateful to have so many still in mine.  A number of you have asked if Lynn is accepting visitors.  Each of these requests has come with an appropriate expression of understanding that we may or may not be comfortable with many visitors.  I want to respond to those requests and provide an avenue to communicate that I hope will be meaningful for both you and Lynn.

Though they've increased in number, requests to visit are not new.  I have wished at times that we could throw open the doors and welcome anyone who wants to come.  However, Lynn has chosen to take this journey with some deal of privacy.  Family and a relatively small number of her closest friends have constantly been by her side.

Anyone only slightly acquainted with Lynn knows that she has lived a life of vitality.  Having that slip away would be hard for anyone at any stage in life.  It certainly has been so for Lynn.  She does not want to be remembered for her sickness but for the fullness of life that preceded it.  Now that she is less able to express her wishes, I have no reason to believe that desire has decreased at all.  We are therefore going to limit visits.

One of Lynn's former college roommate contacted me.  As often happens, though they were once close, they had drifted apart.  She asked me to share some fun memories from their days together.  I thought that was an appropriate, considerate expression and would like to suggest that you consider also sending your memories.  Let's fill her last mortal waking moments with loving and laughing memories.

I feel like I should also provide a note on timing.  Based upon comments from doctors and hospice nurses as well as my own researches, it seems clear that Lynn has only a week or two.  So please don't wait to send your notes.  I promise that we will try to share them with Lynn at times and in ways that bring her comfort and confirm the connection that each of you shared with her.


  1. Here is my brief note for you and Lynn.
    One simple Sunday when we were new to the ward Lynn invited us for dinner. My husband was working, but she said it didn't matter, come anyway. We had a wonderful meal, the kids played and we played a game in which Lynn has us all laughing. We only crossed paths for a short time, but I have no doubt we would have been friends for a longer time had our family not moved. The memory is so simple, I hesitated to share. But Sunday dinners and card games are the best are they not? Thank you Lynn and Joe for your friendship. May God give you peace that passeth all understanding.
    The McElderrys (Josh, Lara, and Boys)

  2. Looking back to when we all hung out in the singles ward, with Steak and Shake after the dances and making marshmallows via candles in the broken fireplace and all the pizza and movies (there was a LOT of pizza and movies). Good times were had by all. Thanks, Lynn for being my friend when I was going through a ruff stage in my life and I'm sorry I didn't stay in touch and didn't know about this until now. I'll be praying for you.

  3. I knew you for a short time in the Powell primary and the married ward. You were the music chorister at the time and I remember distinctly the great smile that you always had across your face. I was able to teach your cute son in Primary as well. I know I didn't know you well, but just know that I've been thinking and praying for you and your family for peace and comfort.
    Celeste Goodson

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  5. Hi Dale, Thinking back to that time in the Medina ward before it split, I always looked up to you. To me you were always one of the fun & cool older young women that I admired so much. Thank you for your example and how you live your testimony. Thank you for sharing your experience on this blog, you are such an amazing person full of strength and bravery. Even though I don't know you all that well, since I have more memories with Carrie, I have much love for you and your family. Your life touches my mine.I'll be continuously praying for you!
    Much Love Ashley Squire

  6. Lynn relished doing things on the spur of the moment. Just because it was fun. I got a good taste of this love when she let me drive her car in a deserted mall parking lot. I asked to drive on a whim - I didn't even have my license yet. I was probably about 14. I was so surprised when Lynn said yes! That was the first time I drove a car... other than when I was 4, on my uncle's lap, while driving down a dirt road. For some reason, I don't think that Wyoming experience should count as my first time driving. From that moment on, Lynn held the spot as the "favorite aunt." She also relished that title.

  7. Dear Dale,

    I feel like all day long I have been reliving my childhood as I have been thinking on so many memories with you and your family. The thing that I remember most that encompasses them all is that I always had SO much fun with you. You always made me laugh. Here are some of the things I have been remembering.....prank calling the sister missionaries from your dad's office at your house and thinking we were so hilarious, watching the OJ Simpson chase at your house, watching Days of our Lives, many many sleepovers, how you used to call your cat Lily "Bugafinxstis"....not clue how to spell that but I think you know what I am talking about:), dancing in the YW room to "You Gotta Keep Em Separated" by Offspring (not sure why we were there or where the leaders were!!), our attempt of a camping trip with your family and the Laubaughs, Sunday nights at the Laubaughs and pizza, Jana's obsession with her pillow (I think that is what it was??), you teasing Mitch that I liked him, Katie dreaming about chocolate cake, playing tennis together, girls camp, and finally being able to as adults take our boys on the Thomas the Train ride together. As I write this I know there are tons I am forgetting as well. You were always the ring leader in Young Womens, everyone wanted to be your friend.
    Dale, I am still holding out for a miracle. I want so badly for you to get better. I also know that the Lord is in control and he loves you and your family more than anyone else and will only do what He knows is best for all of you. I just hope you know how much you have touched my life and many others. You have been strong and amazing and courageous through one of the worst trials one could ask for. You are an extroadinary mother, I saw that the few times I saw you in the past couple years. I pray with all my heart that you will feel love, peace, happiness, hope, and comfort right now. I love you and am praying for you constantly. Thank you for always being the person you are and never wavering.
    Katie Robbins Hillstead

    1. I have been thinking the past few days of so many fun and wonderful memories I had with you. We had great times at dances, EFY, Ricks... I always remember the New Years Eve party/sleepover at your house and Jerry said I was like the daughter he never had. I ALWAYS had fun when you were around and I will never forget the day I checked into my dorm at Ricks College all alone until you should up and took my bags and helped me move in and get settled. I could not have asked or been blessed with a better friend, you are one in a million and have been so special to so many people. I can always hear your laugh in my mind and picture your beautiful smiling face. My thoughts and prayers have been concentrated on you and your family several times during this time and will be for a long time to come. Thank you for being you and touching so many lives and being such a great example. Love you-

      Missy Storm Thompson

  8. Lynn,
    The first time we met was Chocolate Weekend with the Coopers. What a fun weekend! I remember meeting you for the first time and feeling like wow, you are the kind of mom I want to be! A super mom for sure, accomplished tennis player, biker, photographer...and you really knew how to make a mean campfire pie (bread, pie filling, firey goodness)! It was so fun last summer biking with you and Gina. How amazing were you to get out there and cycle after chemo. Your perseverance will forever impact me. I love that you too love Downton Abbey! After I heard how good it was from Gina (who learned from you), I got right on it! I hope you know how many people you have touched and influenced! May God bless you and your family! I believe in miracles and you!
    Tricia Price