Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another "H" Word: Hospital!

On Friday, Lynn started becoming more confused than before and quickly became unresponsive.  We couldn't rouse her.  We realized that she had not been getting enough fluids.  So whatever else was going on, she was probably dehydrated.  We were not going to be able to get enough fluid into her, so we decided to transport her to the hospital.

A couple of days later, she is much more responsive.  They've given her fluids intravenously.  Meanwhile, they discovered a urinary tract infection and have begun treating her with antibiotics.  This kind of infection can cause confusion absent anything else, so we're hopeful that she could get back to her previous baseline once the antibiotics take effect.  Scans also do indicate additional swelling in the brain, so we are also increasing her steroid dose (decadron, 16 mg per day).  It's sometimes tough to let the nurses manage her medication when I'm so used to being on top of it.  It is possible for them to miss things.  I've had to push for medications that I knew she had been getting and once caught them miss an important pain med.

Still, Lynn remains far below where she was just a few days ago mentally.  She doesn't always know where she is and has seen an assortment of animals while in the hospital -- from squirells to snakes to bugs.  Friday night, she was convinced that she was pregnant and was worried that the baby would not be okay.  Then, she believed that she had to leave for a wedding (maybe Kate's who was married about a year and a half ago).

Ever since, her most frequent single-minded purpose has been to leave the hospital.  Now you can't blame anyone for wanting to leave a hospital.  But she has wanted to leave at that instant.  She has pulled her IV from her port and has tried to stand (she hasn't been able to walk unassisted for a couple of months).  She quickly becomes frustrated when we don't cooperate to help her leave.  At one point her mom was hemming some pants for Lauren, and Lynn wanted to put them on so she could walk out.  Poor April could not convince her that the pants would not fit (Lauren is 8!), and Lynn was angry at her lack of "cooperation".

So we're hoping to see a rebound if some of her symptoms are caused by the infection.  Regardless, this is certainly not where we want to be.  Her chemo treatments have been suspended for now.  And we will see her neuro-oncologist on Monday.

Thanks to all who have helped in so many ways: watching the kids, doing things at the house, bringing meals and so many expressions of encouragement!

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  1. Joe, she is so blessed to have you so on top of things. We are continuing to think about pray for Dale and all of you daily!