Monday, May 21, 2012

Ports and People

Last week I had a port put it because my infusions were becoming too painful through my arm.  Now I have a port placed in my left shoulder  For more info on my port click here.   When it comes to medical devices the less info the better.  I have passed out in a few doctor's offices so it's better that I have a broad knowledge of what the device does.  If things get too specific I may not be able to finish this post.     

The surgery went well.  I was semi awake during the surgery but I don't remember much.  I remember feeling a lot of pressure in my shoulder and hearing the doctor and nurses talking.  I remember very little about the rest of my day.  My friend took me home from the hospital and I vaguely remember driving home in her car.  Next thing I know Joe was home from work and I realized I had been sleeping/answering phone calls all afternoon.  I cannot remember what I said or did.  It was kind of scary and funny all at the same time.        
So many people have come to help me through these infusions.  My friend Audrey came from Texas to spend a few days with us and take care of us while I was recovering from chemo and surgery.  I have felt so lucky to have family and friends come and help us though these last few months.  I don't know what I would do without them.
This was in Lauren's backpack this week.  I have wondered how my cancer would impact my kids.  Jacob seems totally unaffected.  As long as he can pretend he is batman and beat up bad guys he is happy.  Lauren surprised me with this little drawing.  I heard her talking to a neighbor a few days ago.

Friend "Why doesn't your mom have hair?"
Lauren "She has breast cancer."
Friend "Is she going to be okay?"
Lauren "Yes she is going to be okay.  She is already feeling great."

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